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Liam   Sold!
Many of you know that I entered Urban Romance in the Swarovski 2007 Create Your Style design contest.  What many of you don't know is that I completed this necklace - start to finish - in two days. 

Sometimes the design process flows quickly - like with Urban Romance - while others take just a little more time to perfect!

Liam is my most recent and treasured piece, which I worked on diligently for nine months.  Many of my clients have closely followed the work in progress - and I am happy to say that I completed the piece on March 8th 2010.

I used an exceptionally large quantity of gemstones to create this piece so - at 7lbs - it is a little on the chunky side!  And at 19 1/2" long this piece is all glam - ready to kick off Milan fashion week 2010! 

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